Creative Borders Metal


Sometimes it is good to 'think outside the box'! Try our new line of Designer Borders Metal Photo Prints. These decorative prints offer a unique way to display your favorite pictures! They can be used to accent a bare wall, to commemorate a special occasion or any other purpose limited only by your creativity! ChromaLuxe HD metal photo panels have been described with terms such as “High definition,” “Amazing depth,” and “Exceptional clarity”. You've never seen a more brilliant and impressive print! Metal prints are scratch resistant, waterproof, cannot tear, and will not yellow with age. Nonetheless, it is not recommended that metal prints be displayed in direct sunlight or outdoors. Metal photo prints are produced by infusing dyes directly into rigid but light-weight 22 gauge thick metal panels, your photos are extremely durable with exceptional detail and resolution. ChromaLuxe provides exceptional quality of detail and resolution that allows you to turn your photography into the focal point of wall décor. Mounting blocks are attached to the back of the metal photo panels to allow them to float off the wall and offers a natural drop shadow. For smaller prints an optional desktop easel is available. See available sizes.